Legal Cases

Legal cases:

These cases have been crowd funded and presented by Friends groups in our forum & network.  They feature on our site because they will set legal precedents that both councils and green space friends will have to follow in future, in the context of the lack of legal requirement of councils to maintain & preserve green spaces.

Action Importance
Wandsworth: Legal Judgement On Ownership and Disposal
Judicial review of the planning consent.
…The judge has ruled, that the owners of open space are the local residents, the council is merely the trustee, and therefore, any revenues accrued from that open space are the property of the local residents, and should not be placed in the council’s general funds but spent on that open space…. BUT this will probably be appealed.
Legal review of Over-Exploitation by Events

Challenging the legal basis on which councils say they have the power to hire out large parts of their public parks for an unlimited period of time for commercial events, sending a message to local authorities that land-grabbing in parks, and excluding the public is not a sustainable long-term model for preserving London’s parks for future generations.

Appeal Refused


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Friends of Barnard Park The Secretary of State has ‘called in’ regeneration plan
Plans were opposed by Sport England … Sport England will ignore other recreational and health activities under its remit to impose its agenda on those park projects … FOBP intend to apply to the planning inspectorate for Rule 6 status at the planning inquiry.
Applied to the planning inspectorate for Rule 6 status.