Planning Designations for Your Green Space


The Government lays down the structure for planning; and the Mayor of London has regional control for planning;  and then the 32 Boroughs implement those policies.

Our regional planning document, the London Plan, is being updated.



.When looking at how to opposite the development of a green space, then you should check it’s status in the Local Plan, or the Area Action Plan.  You can then see if it has any protective designation (Urban Open Space for instance) and if the Local Plan has policies that can be quoted to successfully object to it being built on.

There are various planning designations that you can apply for, for your green space.  In theory, these offer various levels of protection and recognition of the value of the land (see some below).  Some councils dedicate their green space to be fields in trust, which is considered best practise.  Others will not award any land any designation that could hinder it’s disposal (ie selling) at a later date.