A plea from Save Lea Marshes

The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority is currently holding a consultation over its plans for a new Ice Centre at the current site on the Lea Bridge Road. Save Lea Marshes seeks to oppose these plans and believes there is a better location at the Eton Manor site in the Olympic Park. The deadline for comments is end of August 2019 – so there isn’t long. To comment email: LVIC@communitycomms.co.uk or post to this site: https://leevalleyicecentre.commonplace.is/overview.

Save Lea Marshes objects for a number of reasons including; the site is on Metropolitan Open Land that should be protected, and it is home to hedgehogs under significant threat. To read more about their objection visit: https://www.saveleamarshes.org.uk/ Please add your voice to support their campaign.

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