Merton charges

I thought your Committee should be made aware that Merton Council are requesting substantial fees for the use of the park by local people i.e. the local dog watch group who like an annual meeting as the park is very much used by the local dog lovers.
This year they have been asked to pay £3000 for using a very small area of the park for part of a day.The local people are already very upset with the summer ‘gigs’ that are being allowed to ‘invade’ their space which is now rumoured to be for a 3 day event this year -the urinating, bad behaviour and overly loud music apart from enclosing a memorial wood in the event site and cutting down trees with nesting birds to accommodate the last event.
This park has a great history for the local people as you can see on the attached short history -over to you for comment.

Sylvia Queenborough

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