Our Space Event – January 26th 2018

Last Friday we launched Our Space! … our project supporting Friends Groups and encouraging more people to join the movement.

We had a great turnout with attendees representating a wide variety of green spaces and parks, some of whom gave 60 second speeches informing everyone about the recent events in their area and positive projects they had carried out.

Attendees also heard about events and projects that friends of green spaces groups had successfully completed. These included a pumpkin growing competition for children, planting trees, litter-picking, creating an interactive map and nature walks. Look out for case studies elsewhere on this site.

We also showed videos documenting friends groups campaigning against development on their parks, and a documentary featuring David Attenborough which highlighted the important biodiversity in Richmond Park.

We had a selection of cheeses, crisps, other nibbles and drinks on offer after the presentation when people could mingle and network.

All in all it was a great success and we look forward to future of Our Space!

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