Saving Greenspaces

Guidance for saving your green space.

There’s an account of lessons learned from one successful campaign here for Havelock Rec in Bromley.  This campaign got inspiration and much useful advise from the account of saving Crystal Palace Park reproduced (with permission) at How to run a successful community campaign to save your open space by Philip Colvin  (which you can also find as  a pdf form, on the site from  London Parks & Green Spaces Forum) This publication covers the journey, from forming your campaign, to how to object to planning, and if you win, how to evolve a management plan with the landowner/council.

There are some planning designations that your friends group can apply for, for your green space (not all are applicable to every green space, so some additional reading up will be required) see them listed on our Planning page.

Our Legal Cases pages have accounts from significant legal cases (usually judicial reviews) that have London-wide significance.

There’s a summary of tactics, found useful by park friends delegates in this post: Successful Tactics to Save Greenspace