Asset of Community Value – Planning Designations You Can Apply for Protection

List of Assets of Community Value – Basically, this entitles the community to purchase the land at market value, and for any developer to give time for the community to organise a bid and fund it, something like 2 years.   However, as green space is usually disposed of ‘for the greater good’ for a school, a two year delay can make it more attractive for the developer to look at alternative brown field sites.

“The Community right to bid came into force in September 2012. The Community right-to-bid allows communities to nominate buildings and land that they consider to be of value to the community, to be included on a local authority maintained list. If any of the assets on the register are put up for sale, the community is given a window of opportunity to express an interest in purchasing the asset, and another window of opportunity to bid. “


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