Support us reduce oversized events on Clapham Common

Friends of Clapham Common

Dear Green Spaces,

I have the honour of living 2 minutes away from Clapham Common, which is beautiful and every time I cycle across, reminding  me of the time when I used to walk my young children and my dogs and now walking my grandchildren.   The Common allowing one to be with nature, seeing the variety of birds and other wild life the Common attracts, breathing in the fresh air when one is there.  I have lived by the Common for 50 years, unfortunately in that time I have also seen damage done to this beautiful Common by so many events that are allowed to take place which is so damaging.

I am a member of The Friends of Clapham Common and was on the Committee for about 20 years.  The Friends have achieved a lot in Educating the Local Council in the care of the Common, still big events are allowed to happen which I feel is a tragedy.

Yours sincerely

Marietta Krikhaar

These open spaces must be preserved, it would be a tragedy if the lungs of London which are badly needed were no more.

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