Hi all!

Hope you all are very well, and have deeply enjoyed the wonderful Indian summer.

I am writing to you because you showed interest in surveying or in volunteering with LWT, or you have helped us already in the past.

The deer surveys are back, September 2023 – February 2024. This is the last season that we spend collecting data.

Behind the scenes, the document of the Deer Strategy is being produced, and all the collected data will feed it.

Let me remind you of the amazing progress you achieved last season:

In total we have received 142 new records!! Most of them filled the gaps of knowledge that we initially had.

Light green: existing records (sent by GiGL, London’s record centre)

Dark green: confirmed (deer present) records received through GiGL + online form created by LWT and sent to site managers + deer surveys by volunteers

Red: negative records (deer absent) received through GiGL + online form + deer survey

But as you can see, there are still many gaps, especially in the southeast.

Therefore, I am inviting to participate in the Deer Survey this year too!

You have all the information you need in the survey pack:

There you can find:

  • Recording of the presentation of the project, and the presentation in pdf
  • List of sites to survey (please, write your name only 1 week before you visit them)
  • Expenses claim for transport

Some remainders:

  • If you are volunteering for the first time with LWT, please fill the attached form (so you are covered by our insurance)
  • As you write names in the sites list, we will be removing them from the list
  • To send records (option 1), click in this link: LWT Deer Survey – GIGL
  • To send survey data (option 2):

As always: if you don’t want to hear about the Deer Strategy anymore, please let me know. If you are still interested in other types of volunteering, please let me know too, and we will look for an opportunity for you.

Any question, email us back 😊 happy surveying!

Thanks and regards,

Alex ToledoConservation Ecologist 
London Wildlife Trust – London’s wildlife for the future
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