Discussion Synthesis 2015 – Bicycling in Parks

March 2015

Discussion: Points made regarding cycling in green spaces

·         Bye laws relating to no cycling in parks ignored – little enforcement

·         Signage regarding allowing or not allowing cycling incorrect or misleading or none at all

·         Shared areas (bicycling and pedestrians) not working in some parks, in others it was

·         Unclear about what the laws are on cycling in parks

·         Needs to be a mutual respect between different user groups (eg. bicyclists/pedestrians/dogcarers)

·         Cyclists are key users of most green spaces and need to be involved in our groups

·         Improved traffic calming on roads to encourage cyclist to use the road rather than parks

·         Canal tow paths are being used as a cycle highway and the space conflicts with pedestrian use

·         Young people who cycle often are not qualified vehicle drivers and therefore are unfamiliar with the highway code and road signs

·         Cyclists need to cycle more slowly and with consideration through parks

·         Cyclists have a responsibility to remonstrate when witnessing other unsafe cycling practises

·         Lights on bikes in the dark can be seen by pedestrians but the lights aren’t adequate for bicyclists to see pedestrians

·         Invest in better pathways

·         Signage to be clear and appropriate

·         Culture and education to improve bicycling etiquette

·         Nationwide, pedestrians should be the priority – signs need to be designed

·         Engage with local cycling groups to help resolve issues / organise activities and events

·         Make use of free police bicycle marking

·         More communication to support understanding  – friends groups have a role here

It was suggested a member of the network come forward to act as a cycling officer for the LFGN.  Susan Crisp said she would act as liaison as she is already talking to TfL and Sustrans re standardising signage and will share this information with others.

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