Discussion Synthesis 2019 – Noise Pollution in Green Spaces

Alice Roberts, from CPRE, spoke about how noise can have negative impact on people’s wellbeing.

CPRE London has produced a detailed noise audit of London’s green spaces. 880 Parks and Green Spaces and 29% are impacted.

SW Parks are good generally. The best is Sutton.

Alice (CPRE) said that the roads within Parks are noisy.

General discussion followed:

Hyde Park and Victoria Park have big events lots of noise with neighbouring houses. Also, there are lots of sources of noise within the park: skateboarding, ball games, children and events. Someone mentioned drones.

Heathrow airport noise affects parks in it’s pathway. Helicopters (Battersea) are very noisy. Flyovers pollute as well as being noisy. Simon mentioned Police helicopters over Hillyfields in Lewisham.

Noise causes Stress and Anxiety, and it all has a physical effect on people and wildlife and bird populations.

Planting bushes around edges and barriers can help.

Wandsworth Common’s moto ‘Respectful use of Park’. Yoga classes in in Parks are peaceful.

There are bylaws in the Royal Parks.

Walthamstow wetlands have bylaws- No aircraft no drones.

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