Dogs in Parks

Dogs in parks – managing nature implications and behaviourMonday, 19 June 7pm-8pm 

The LFGN working group on managing dogs in parks would like to invite all London friends groups to a presentation followed by discussion and Q&A. Many people love dogs (I own a dog myself!) and although dogs need parks as much as humans do, there are certain aspects of dogs in parks that need careful consideration, for example their impact on habitats and wildlife, and sharing best practice of good dog management in public and social situations

We’ve invited Ben Stockwell from Citizen Zoo to talk with us about the nature impacts of having dogs in parks and how this can be more carefully managed. This will be followed by a Q&A and discussion. All London friends groups are welcome!

Following the meeting, time permitting, we’ll conduct our regular working group meeting. Any friends group interested in this issue is very welcome to stay with us and learn more about our group, and hopefully join us for future meetings!

Zoom link: 
Monday, 19 June 7-8pm

All best
Dave Morris, Chair LFGN
Alice Roberts and Laura Collins at CPRE London
CPRE London is working with LFGN to bring more support to London’s friends groups

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