East London Waterworks Park

I’m not sure how you feel about promoting a park that hasn’t been created yet in this newsletter, but if you look favourably on the idea everyone at East London Waterworks Park will be super grateful!
In case you don’t already know, we’re a community group aiming to buy an industrial site and turn it into an urban oasis for nature and people. Currently a Thames Water Depot on the border of Waltham Forest and Hackney, our vision is to turn the 5.68-hectare site into a thriving community hub, creating a new biodiverse park for wildlife with community learning spaces and wild swimming ponds. The new park will be community owned and volunteer led.
We launched our crowdfunder today, to raise money to buy the site: 


If you were able to share, that would be awesome and so very much appreciated.

If it helps, we’ve created a couple of images for sharing on socials: one here and one here. Imagine hanging out here!

With very best wishes

AbiAbigail Woodman (she/her)East London Waterworks Park
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