London National Park City Launch Season

London National Park City

UPDATE – 3rd December 2018

London will become the world’s first National Park City in July 2019. It will be promoted to all Londoners during a three month launch season, culminating in a 10 day National Park City Festival at the end of July.

There will be lots of opportunities for groups and organisations to get involved and take advantage of the promotion and activities that will be happening.

We encourage you to join the Network Newsletter to be the first to hear about the plans and to get involved.


  1. Jan 2019 – Look out for the launch of our Make Life in London Better campaign which will run through much of 2019. Groups and organisations will be given opportunities to contribute ideas and challenges which will be promoted to all Londoners.
  2. Jan 2019 – We will launch a crowd-funder for a new newspaper, “The National Park City Maker”. This will be published during April and distributed throughout London. We will be asking the Network for contributions in January/February.
  3. May – Aug 2019 – The Launch Season starts. Promotions and activities will build up to the Festival.
  4. 20 – 30 July – The National Park City Festival, including the formal launch events.
  5. August and beyond– The launch of the National Park City is only the start! Activities and promotions will continue as we set to making the National Park City a success.


Start planning longer running activities for the Launch Season. Perhaps a sequence of small activities labelled as part of the launch season.

Start planning events for the Festival. We will be publishing ideas encouraging activities which go beyond “business as usual”: To reach out further, to connect with other groups and communities.

We want to celebrate by holding lots of opening ceremonies. Do you have something that you could open? It can be anything! A flowerbed, a bench, a path, a nature reserve…..


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