London planning – navigating around the Mayor’s London Plan

If your group has problems with unwanted and unsuitable development, it is often possible to object by quoting Local (by your council) or London Plan policies.  Here we indicate which sections of the London Plan will probably be helpful.



Strategic planning in London is the shared responsibility of the Mayor of London, 32 London boroughs and the Corporation of the City of London. Under the legislation establishing the Greater London Authority (GLA), the Mayor has to produce a spatial development strategy (SDS) – which has become known as ‘the London Plan’ – and to keep it under review. Boroughs’ local development documents have to be ‘in general conformity’ with the London Plan, which is also legally part of the development plan that has to be taken into account when planning decisions are taken in any part of London unless there are planning reasons why it should not. 

The new Mayor, Sadiq Khan elected in 2016, will review the plan which is expected to take a couple of years. 

The details of the current London Plan can be found here: 

Green Policies can be found in Chapter 7 

Protecting London’s open and natural environment 

Policy 7.16 Green Belt 

Policy 7.17 Metropolitan Open Land 

Policy 7.18 Protecting open space and addressing deficiency 

Policy 7.19 Biodiversity and access to nature 

Policy 7.20 Geological conservation 

Policy 7.21 Trees and woodlands 

Policy 7.22 Land for food 

Policy 7.23 Burial spaces 


For details of the Mayor Khan’s strategies visit his web site: 

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