Nature for Everyone

An update from the Nature for Everyone Campaign, as supported by the NFPGS

Dear Nature for Everyone campaigners,

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the winter break.

We are excited to be campaigning for Nature for Everyone with you this year! After the campaign launched last spring, there are now more than 90 organisations supporting the campaign, we have had several pieces of media coverage (most recently, this article on the importance of nature for physical health), and the key amendments to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill were debated in the Commons.

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill returned yesterday 17 January 2023 for Second Reading and next week (likely) for Lords Committee Stage. We are currently working with peers to table the Nature for Everyone amendments to secure legal commitments to access to nature for all. Our CEO has Tweeted here on amends needed to the Bill and there will be more content on our Link account this afternoon, so keep your eyes out for content for resharing.

Next week, however, will be when we’re looking to make a bigger splash so we’re working on a bumper social pack (copy and visual assets) which will be available here ready for use from Monday 23 January.

Finally, we are working to finalise our long-awaited access to nature mapping research, now expected to publish in February. While there was a recent study published that identified Britain’s most green and least green city centres, we still expect to secure some media coverage of our research to support the Nature for Everyone campaign.

Best wishes,


Emma Clarke (she/her)

Policy Officer


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