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Save Roehampton Playing Fields

Help save Roehampton Playing Fields!

Please sign the petition now, one click by you could help save this valuable green space from becoming privatised and inappropriate development.

Jo Shearer, representing the neighbours and Doverhouse Road, says:

“We call on Wandsworth Council to reconsider the granting of the 30 year lease of Roehampton Playing Fields to TFC Leisure Ltd in a bid to save themselves £50,000 a year.

The community use of these fields may therefore be under threat, potentially forcing community football clubs, schools and other projects out, resulting in young people having less to do in their local area, with no affordable access to the fields.

Local schools lack green space for their ever growing pupil populations and therefore rely on the use of the fields to accommodate the physical education and health & wellbeing of their pupils. The proposals outlined by TFC Leisure may mean that this use could be restricted and schools therefore will not have the green space they so badly need for their pupils.

We ask you to sign this petition to offer your support to the local community schools, sports clubs and projects who rely on the green space of Roehampton Playing fields so that they do not lose the use of their fields”



There’s an article from the Evening Standard on the issue: See Evening Standard article here


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