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17th June

Thanks for the query, and thanks Nigel for the considered response!
Can I point out that we dont manage parks but represent the friends of parks groups’ movement.
It might be useful, in considering any simple ‘charter’ or user-friendly alternative to bye-laws, that most of it be positive (rather than dont do this, dont do that) if we want the public to embrace it. This seems a good start:    Also it would get more public support if it sets out what greenspace users can expect from those managing the space in terms of quality, staffing presence, protection etc. Of course thats not easy to guarantee without adequate long term funding. This is where the Parks Charter that we are promoting comes in – see  Hence it would be helpful to sign up to that and promote it to demonstrate to everyone that those producing any code of conduct are aware that all, including those that fund our important public services (ie the Government), need to play their part too.

best wishes
Dave, NFPGS Chair

On 17/06/2021 20:12, Nigel Sharp wrote:
Thank you for your message and apologies for the delay – I’ve been away a few days.
It’s an interesting query and although I’m not aware of any particular examples, when I was a Council officer I also considered the scope to develop a kind of urban park equivalent of The Country Code as a more user-friendly alternative to more formal park bye-laws. Although I was unable to progress this idea, I’m aware that the Milton Keynes Parks Trust has adapted the code a little while Cardiff and South Ayrshire have a ‘code of conduct’ for parks users:
Details at and
Similarly I’ve seen codes of conduct for various parks in the U.S. e.g.
Perhaps these examples can provide a general reference? I also think developing this type of user agreement could be a good focus for community engagement, helping encourage involvement, responsibility and a greater sense of site ownership for all ages.
I suggest we could also seek further comment on this topic through our parks forum network which links to additional guidance on our website and with this in mind I’ve copied in a couple of NFPGS colleagues for info – including our Chair, Dave Morris, who is also involved with the London Friends of Green Spaces Network
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