Southwark Park Association Update

Dear Members, Supporters and Patrons – some important information this week.
MIK K-Pop Festival and Southwark Council Assembly 24 March – will discuss a motion by local Councillors calling for an end to private commercial ticketed events in our public parks, and in particular the proposal for the MIK K-Pop Music Festival in Southwark Park – item 5. Our Association previously submitted our objections to the event.

Agenda for Council Assembly on Wednesday 24 March 2021, 7.00 pmAll published information, including reports, for Agenda for Council Assembly on Wednesday 24 March 2021, 7.00

Liverpool’s Landmark Decision to Protect Parks – wonderful news – Southwark, now follow!

Protecting Liverpool’s green spaces for good | Fields in TrustWhat will protection mean for parks in Liverpool? Fields in Trust have been protecting parks ever since our founding as a charity in 1925. In that time we’ve secured 2,882 green spaces for good across the UK, including King George V Playing Field in Childwall which has been protected since 1988.. Protection is a legal agreement between Fields in Trust and a space’s landowner that they will …

Days Gone By – a time capsule, printmakers, beer for the poor and more.
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