Successful Activity: Wildlfe Walks in the South Norwood Country Park

The Friends of South Norwood Country Park

The Friends have run various wildlife walks including a Bat Walk, Bird Walk, Dawn Chorus Walk and Butterflies Walk!

The Bat Walk

The bat walk gave people the opportunity to engage with the Community Partnership Officer and the Friends of the Country Park during an evening stroll through the dark in search of the bats that hunt over the meadows and lake. They met at 8.30pm by the visitor centre in the park and attendees were advised to wrap up warm and bring a torch to help find their way!

One of the attendees said: “We met just before dusk and before we set off to find the bats, we were given a very informative, illustrated talk about bats and the ones that we might see in the park. Our experts had provided bat detectors so we knew when bats were around. We first saw Noctule Bats that were flying around the tops of the trees. Then we walked to the lake where we could see a great many Pipistrelle Bats flying over the water. We were told that each bat could eat over 3,000 tiny insects every night!”

Find out more

Find out more about this and other walks, as well as more of their activities, at the Friends of South Norwood Country Park’s website 

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