Tactics for Saving Greenspace in 2015

Summary of successful tactics employed to save green space from development:

from the LFGN meeting of 20th July, 2015.

The Chair summed up what seemed to be the effective campaign tactics:
•           Mass leafleting
•           Petitions (paper and online)
•           Door to door (make contact with local people)
•           Photos and walks to mobilise people
•           Lobby politicians
•           Get local press involved (they usually like a picture – including people – submitted with the story)
•           Ensure best policies are in place: Metropolitan Open Land (only Mayor of London can overrule), Community Asset is new designation (eg for land) but needs council support – enables a group to buy site at market value, Registration as ‘Town Green’ (editor’s note: though this is voluntary if the land is local authority; however just the application raises awareness). Fields in Trust covenants (2500+ green spaces so far protected) (editor’s note: some local authorities will not do these as it prevents them from disposing of the land later).  Note: Allotments have green space and are a statutory requirement for boroughs.
•           Geological analysis could be delaying tactic (editor’s note: not for schools as their funding will easily overcome the worst landfill)
•           Involve other groups to support campaign
•           Direct action to occupy / protect site
3.12      Note: Covenants can make a difference. However, the existence of a covenant at Dundonald in Merton was over-ridden.

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