Communities to have a greater say in protecting trees

Happy new campaigning year! Thought would share this in case of interest to anyone and may want to respond. 
A quick skim through it appears to sidestep the question of tree felling due to development such as planned for the town square and this may be something to respond on.  If not used to answering these kinds of consultations, then don’t be phased by need to answer all questions and do so via the online questionnaire.   You can still send in written replies and identify which specific aspects you are focusing on. For example questions 1-7 seem most relevant for the town square and Lea Bridge pocket park. Note deadline is 28 February.
It won’t change anything in the grand scheme of things but sometimes still good to make sure views are on record.
Communities to have greater say in protecting local trees

Communities to have greater say in protecting local treesMichael Gove launches consultation on plans to create greater protections for trees in urban areas.

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