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Hi all

How’s all the local Forums getting on at the mo? Would be good to hear from each Forum on your ups and downs of communications, coordination, news, relations with local Council and plans for the future..  If you have a Forum bulletin, or minutes you are happy to share, please send them round so we can all learn from each other.

Still using zoom (or not)? My local Forum, Haringey, have been using it pretty successfully over the last year, and at our meeting last week decided to go next time for a socially distanced indoor meeting.. we might review that though if the pandemic infections are continuing to climb.

The London-wide LFGN meetings have also successfully employed zoom. The June meeting had a big discussion on how to promote, enhance and protect biodiversity in our green spaces. The minutes are here:  

Meanwhile as chair of the NFPGS I am often asked to attend local Forums around the UK (including Thurrock today and Sunderland next week), much easier for me on zoom I must say! If your Forum would like someone from the NFPGS to attend to advise, give a talk or just sit in one of your meetings, please let us know.. we’ll try to ensure one of us can make it.

Its also good to hear of people trying to set up new Forums.. every area/city/county should have one! Sometimes existing friends groups take the initiative, and sometimes it starts with Council officers trying to get groups together. Either way, we’re always happy to advise and support.. and likewise for existing Forums that may be struggling to keep the communications going throughout this pandemic.

best wishes

Dave –

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