Web Site Improvements

Please forward to all your local contacts..

The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces is currently working to improve its www.parkscommunity.org.uk website. They are urging all local groups to investigate the Better Friends Strength Checker. Why not fill it in and receive a free report on how your group is progressing?! – https://parkscommunity.org.uk/betterfriends/ 

The site has a range of key guides written by and for parks groups. For example the following ones contain very helpful advice about developing new groups, stronger or more influential groups, and strengthening or creating new area Forums/networks (which every area needs!):Setting up a Friends Group:

Making our groups stronger and more diverse:

Improving relationships among user groups sharing a green space:

Partnership Working between Friends Groups and Landowners and Managers:

What is community empowerment, and how can we make it happen?

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