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MACE Green Infrastructure and Green Community Development Projects in 2020

As part of Mace Group’s vision to build sustainable communities, we are focusing more effort this year to developing green infrastructure, improving access and accessibility to green spaces and investing in community green spaces.

We know the impact of our work is not exclusively positive, the construction sector creates both environmentally and socially negative impacts through it’s direct work and the associated impacts of the construction. As a responsible business, Mace is committed to investing in minimising these impacts by supporting community projects, local to our sites, projects and offices, that will help us reduce our overall footprint, and improve the lives of those living in the community.

As such, we would like to invite offers and tenders for support of existing projects or to launch new ones that will create profound environmental change in communities.

We would like to invite charities, community groups, parks, gardens, friends of groups and local councils to request assistance to deliver green infrastructure.

Specifically, we are looking to work on projects associated with or similar to:

• Creation of new parks, gardens, school spaces or allotments

• Development or expansion of existing green spaces

• Tree planting projects and sites (we will provide volunteers and/or funding)

• Educational green spaces – e.g. outdoor classrooms, forest classrooms

• Adventure playgrounds and nature trails

What we could offer

As the largest construction company in London, we have a large network of supply chain partners who join our community outreach. This means we can count on support from a range of trades that offer pro-bono labour and donate materials. The management work, design, planning and delivery is overseen by Mace volunteers. This means we can deliver infrastructure projects of value up to £100,000 and we aim to deliver over £1million of community infrastructure each year.

Where we would like to work

Mace operates using the principle, think global, act local. We work with local councils to prepare community investment plans to insure we maximise our positive impact on the local community. Currently we are working across the UK in major cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Exeter, Birmingham and Newcastle. Much of our work is based however in London, and we are specifically looking for projects in or close to the following boroughs. Projects outside these boroughs are achievable but more complex.

• Newham, Barking, Waltham Forest • Hackney • Islington • City of London • Lambeth • Wandsworth • Greenwich • Hounslow, Hillingdon and Slough

How to reach out

If you believe your organisation has a project that Mace Group may be able to support, please contact to request a project feasibility form. You will be asked to complete this form as best you can as part of your official request for Mace Group assistance. Please note that completion of this form is only a request and does not guarantee that Mace Group will be able to offer any assistance.

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