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Article submission for the London National Park City website

We invite you or your organisation to provide a short article for one of three of the sections of our new website:1. Places To Go – locations and types of place (e.g. canals) and ways to interact with them 2. Things to Enjoy – activities to take part in and enjoy 3. Make a Difference – activities and guides which help people go a bit further and bring about change

For each of these we are looking for articles that inspire and support people to do something specific. We are keen for our articles to present a proactive stance. We’re looking for tips, knowledge and sign-posting in your own voice – on something you have some authority on.

It needs to be in your own voice and between 250 and 400 words (very easy!). People will be able to click on your name and see other posts that you have written as you make any additional contributions.

We are happy for you to include details of your organisation at the end, but ask that you do not make it overtly commercial and self-promoting in tone.

Ideas include: * Get into kayaking * A brief guide to nature therapy * How to walk the Capital Ring * How to explore a wood * Top 10 of London’s insects * How to join in tracking London’s wildlife * 5 favourite routes * 5 ways to help make our rivers cleaner * Growing your own vegetables * Why you should xxxx

In this form we ask you for your name and details, whether and how you want to be credited the article text and heading, an article photo, and then ask you to give some suggestions for tagging.

Thank you so much for your help!!

Any questions or concerns please contact us at

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