Successful Activity: Sunflower Growing Competition

Friends of Bruce Castle Park

Children’s sunflower-growing competition!

The Friends of Bruce Castle Park came up with a wonderful idea in 2017 – to hold a sunflower growing competition. Around 25 children entered the competition to see who could grow the sunflower which could fulfil a number of categories – which would be the tallest, which would have the biggest flower, the most flowers or the quirkiest flowers!

Sunflowers were planted in May.

Another event in the park in May 2017 was the perfect opportunity to introduce the children to a bit of gardening and growing. The sunflower seeds were planted in big pots and the kids were equipped with instructions on how to best look after their sunflower. Everyone went home with excitement!

Growing, growing …

Over the course of the next few months stories were heard of slugs eating part of the seedling, birds having a snack of the little plant, it being pulled out by accident, or pulled over when watering, however there were also success stories of flowers growing!

The winners!

The persistence and patience finally paid off in September for the winner Alex who is now enjoying a wonderful bee house! Cooper was not put off by his first flower being eaten by slugs and planted another one – he is now enjoying some colourful butterflies flying in the wind.

Competitions like these are a great way to teach children about nature and gardening in a very hands-on way.

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